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NOTE:  Google Chrome is required for this type of set.  If you are using Safari or Firefox, please switch to Chrome to use this type.

A basic set will automatically break up hundreds of images in to pages. A category set allows you to name those pages (i.g. reception, ceremony, bridal party, etc). To accomplish this, you will title folders with the category names, add the web ready images to the appropriate folder and upload those folder(s) to Vend. 

Just like the Basic set, you should save your images as web ready JPG files no larger than 1000x1000 pixels. 



  1. Login to the Vend admin
  2. Click the "Set" section
  3. Click "New" at the bottom of the left panel
  4. Type a "Set Title" (the client's name)
  5. Choose "Category" in the list of set types
  6. Click " Create Set"




  1. Click on the set you just created in the left panel
  2. Click the "Images" tab on the right panel
  3. Click the "Add Media" button on the bottom of the right panel
  4. Drag your files and/or folders into the area that says "Drag Files Here".

    NOTE: if you have folders nested within folders, we will flatten the hierarchy to a single folder deep.

  5. Once all of the items have uploaded, click the "Done" button
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