Step 7: Dropbox Integration

1:  Sign up for a dropbox account.  If you already have one, great!  If you don't, feel free to sign up for the free account to test out the functionality -- the free account gives you access to all features, but just has less space.


2:  Sign in to your dropbox account if you aren't already signed in.  Once you are signed in, you need to go to the app creation wizard here:


3:  Create your app using these settings:

Choose an API: Dropbox API

Choose the type of access you need: App Folder

Name your App: Vend Files (or, really anything you like -- only you will see this)

Click "Create App"


At this point, your done with your setup, but don't leave the page yet, because you need to your newly created App Key and App Secret (click "show" to see the Secret).  No further setup within Dropbox is required.


4: You now need to authenticate Vend using your new Dropbox App. Start by logging into your Vend admin and then go to Setup > 3rd Party Integrations.   Scroll down to the bottom, and you will copy and paste your App Key and Secret to the form fields provided.  Don't worry about your Authorization Code yet, we will do that in the next step.


5: SAVE -- this will save your key/secret to Vend.  Now that it's saved, you can click the link "Create One Now" under Dropbox AUthentication Code.  This will open a new window that will ask you if you want allow access.  click "Allow".


6: Get your Authorization Code.  Once you click "Allow", it will give you an Authorization Code:  copy this code and paste it back into Vend's "Dropbox Authorization Code" field.


7: SAVE again -- and you're ready to rock!  Now you can use dropbox to sync your images straight from your computer and offer digital downloads!  Read more about using Dropbox sets and digital downloads here:

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