Step 3: Create a contact page


  1. Click "Contact" section
  2. Click the "Settings" tab on the right panel
  3. Choose if you want the contact icon to "Show in Navigation"
  4. Add a title for this page (ie: contact us)
  5. Description: Write something about contacting you like hours of operation, address, phone number, etc.
  6. Contact Form Recipients- be sure to put in the email address that you would like the contact forms to go to.  If you don't add any email addresses, they will show up in the Mail Log.
  7. Mailing List Provider - if you have a mailing list provider currently we support Mail Chimp, Mad MiMi and Campaign Monitor
  8. Mailing List Account Api- this is something that you will get from your provider ie MadMimi
  9. Assign an Image - upload a jpg around 1600 pixels wide
  10. Click "Save"




  1. Click the "Account Details" tab on the right panel
  2. Type in "Your website URL" (Hint: don't forget the http://) and company name
  3. Type in your phone number (optional)
  4. Type in your address (optional)
  5. Add your email and name (This is required and should already be filled in)
  6. Click "Save"



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