Settings & Options


  • Click on the "Set"
  • Choose the "Settings" tab

  • Type in a "Password" if you don't want the set to be public
  • Choose an "Expiration Date" if you would like the set to expire


  • Use the drop-downs to choose the groups you would like to associate this set with. If you have not set up your Pricing, Packages, Papers, etc - click here


  • Select "True" if you want to "Enable Quantity Selection" - the ability for the client to choose quantities of formats to purchase.
  • Select "True" if you want to "Enable Color Selection" - the ability to choose Black & White or Sepia tones
  • Select "True" if you want to "Enable the Cropping" - allows the client to have control over the crop of the image
  • Select "True" if you want to "Enable Comments - allows the client to leave a comment for each image
  • Select "True" if you want to "Enable Watermark" - turns the watermark
  • Select "True" if you want to "Use the Global Soundtrack"


  • Select "True" if you want this set "included on the Gallery Wall"
  • Select "True" if you want this set to be "Pin to the top of the gallery Wall" - this will make it easier for your clients to find
  • Click "Upload New" and upload an image that is 1600x900 and web-ready - this image will represent the set and be used on the login window


  • Contact List - add your clients emails if you want to use Vend to notify them that their set is ready to view
  • Welcome text - type a welcome text that will appear above the login area (optional)

Click "SAVE" when you are done

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