Step 4: Splash Page Options and Terms of Service


  1. Click the "Pages" section
  2. Click the "Splash" tab
  3. Type in your company name in the "Title" field
  4. Type a "Description" if you want some text at the top of this page
  5. Use the drop-down to change the "Splash Page View" - Gallery Wall allows you to have images that clients can click on to enter their set. Gallery ID Login is a more classic look and you will have to provide each client with a set ID.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: simply changing the splash page view to "Gallery ID Login" does not protect your sets and images -- at all.  It only prevents your sets from showing up on your splash page in a visual list.  It is not a substitute for password protection.  If you have sensitive data, you MUST assign a password to each set, otherwise they are openly available for viewing to anyone with any sort of intent to do so.

  6. Use the drop-down to choose how you want the Splash Page sets to be visually sorted.
  7. Select "True" if you want to hide the image count on the Splash Page
  8. Select "True" if you want expired sets to be removed from the Splash page
  9. Click "Save"



  1. Click the "Terms of Service" tab
  2. Type in a "Title"
  3. Type in a "Description"



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