Step 2: SSL and Accept Credit Card Payments

SSL Certificate

In order to accept credit card payments via your photo cart, you will need an SSL certificate. Here are the options that you have.

1. EASY: If you are a hosted member, you can install the Vend Photo Cart at your default domain ( and you are good to go. All of our default domains already have an SSL certificate associated with them.

2. MEDIUM: If you are a hosted member and you want to use your own domain. You will need to purchase an SSL certificate and install in on your domain. Click here to learn more. Click here to learn how

3. HARD: If you are hosting the vend cart on your own server, you will need to contact your host provider and ask them to install an SSL certificate on your domain.


Payment Gateway

A payment Gateway allows you to accept and process credit card payments online. We allow for Stripe, or Authorize.Net.  HINT: We have found that is the easiest to setup and use.


  1. Choose the "Setup" Section
  2. Click the "3rd Party Integration" tab
  3. Use the drop-down to choose a Payment Gateway that you would like to use to process credit carts
  4. Once you find out which payment gateway you are going to use and you have an account, enter the information for that one payment gateway.
  5. Click "Save"


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