Step 10: Set up Comments

Standard Comments VS Facebook Comments

To moderate facebook comments you have two options:  moderating comments with your Facebook username or moderating comments with an app ID.  The difference is that with your facebook user ID you can only moderate comments by checking each post to see if there has been a comment.  You will be notified of comments and there is no central location to moderate all comments left on your blog.  If you use an app ID you can login to one central location to moderate all comments left on your blog.

To moderate with your Facebook user ID:

  1. Go Facebook and login. 
  2. Go to your profile page and look at the URL.  It should say something like "" or "".  Depending on your case your user ID is "joesmith7" or "123456789".
  3. Go to the ITDR Admin panel in WordPress > Setup > Social Media > type in your Facebook ID into the "Facebook Username" field.  Save.
  4. Wait a few minutes as it takes some time to kick in.
  5. Now to moderate your comments go the comments in an entry and you will see a "Moderator View".

To moderate with an app ID:

  1. Go to Facebook and login.
  2. Go to
  3. Click "My Apps > Add a New App" in the navigation. Click "Website".
  4. Name your new app. Click "Create New Facebook App ID".
  5. Choose a category. Click "Create App ID".
  6. In the code it generated, find the number next to the label "appId". Copy that number.
  7. Go to Wordpress > ITDR Admin > Setup tab > Social Media tab.
  8. Add the number you copied to "Facebook App ID" and save.
  9. Now to moderate your new comments you can go to:
  10. That's it!
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