Step 9: Create Navigation buttons

Navigation Buttons

When you are creating navigation buttons in Wordpress, you are going to make sure you create pages first (see previous steps).


  1. Click "Appearances"
  2. Click "Menus"
  3. Title your Menu (Some templates have split menus - left and right. If you only have one menu on your template, you can just type "Main menu". If you were to create a second menu by clicking the "create a new menu" link, you would manage your menu location under the "Manage Locations" tab at the top.)
  4. Under the "Pages" panel, select the pages you would like to link to
  5. Click "Add to Menu"
  6. You can drag drop and re-organize your buttons. (HINT: To create sub navigation buttons just shift a button to the right and it will indent.)
  7. Click the "Save Menu" button

 ** You can also add "Custom Links" as well aka links that go outside of the blog

To do this you will click on Custom Links and give it a title; ie Website. In the url area you can either paste in the url or type it in ( remember to add http:// before the url) and click add to menu. 

Watch a video

This video is using an older version of Wordpress but it will give you an idea of how it all works. 

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