How to Migrate Content From One Website To Another In Your Membership Account

Want to switch templates, but not have to create all your pages and navigation all over?  We got you covered.  Here are the steps to migrate your website - not blog - content from one site to another.

# - Use Google Chrome, as it will be required to upload files.

# - Login to the original site admin by going My Products > (the original site) > Admin

# - Create a site backup file.  Dashboard > Toolbox > Create System Storage Backup File

# - Download the file to your desktop. Note:  if your site is overly large, this step may fail.  If that is the case, please put in a support ticket and we will help you migrate manually.

# - Unzip the file.  In it, there will be a folder named something like "clove-data" -- keep the folder name the same.

# - Time to import!  In your membership account, head over to Settings > Import.  Find you new website that you want to import your content into under the "Websites" list and click "Import".

# In the dialog popup, it will say something like "Drag your "brooklyn-data" folder here." -- instead, drag your newly unzipped "clove-data" folder (or whatever your unzipped folder is labeled) instead. Click "Ok Upload and Replace", and let your files upload.

# Once the import dialog is complete, Login to your new site admin with your newly imported data by going My Products > (the new site) > Admin

# Run an update to make sure any new settings are available to you.  Dashboard > Update Now

# Done!  now you should be able to audit your pages, and resetup your design, setup and contact tabs for your new site theme.

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