Change Wordpress themes

Changing your Wordpress theme is easy. If you follow the steps below, you can keep your database (post, pages, picture), and only have to do some minor branding setup. 


1. Install your new theme in the same exact location as your current blog. For example, if you current blog is located at, then install the new them at 

2. Login to the backend of your wordpress and click the "Appearance" button to find the "themes" section. You should now see your newly installed theme. 

3. Click "Activate" next to the new theme. Note: you can switch back and forth between themes if you need to - but you can only work on the theme that is currently active. 

4. Go to your template's support documentation page and learn how to activate your homepage and blog page. 

5. Use the ITDR ADMIN to setup your branding options. 

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