Migrating from a flash site to an HTML5 website

Here is the basic concept to migrating your old site content to your new template for self-hosting.

NOTE: our membership platform actually has an importer that does all this for you. feel free to setup an free account to give it a try if you like. it's a drag and drop process (using the chrome browser) under Settings > Import

1 - install the new template. once installed, on your server, there will be a new folder named "templatename-data" (ie: brooklyn-data, sarin-data, lyra-data) folder where you installed it.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind you can (and should!) install your new template in temporary mode directly in the same directory as your old templates. Her are the directions on how to install your website in temporary mode

2 - copy your existing content. copy -- do not move -- by using ftp to locally download "{old-theme-name}-data/storage/" (where {old-theme-name} is your existing theme name) and re-uploading it to "templatename-data/storage/" (ie: brooklyn-data, sarin-data, lyra-data)-- copying ensures that you will not brick your old site and content during this process.

3 - reset. things like design, setup, contact, and splash are theme specific, so you will need to delete these settings for your new theme. the files you want to delete will be these files from your newly copied files:

     * brooklyn-data/storage/splash.xml
     * brooklyn-data/storage/contact.xml
     * brooklyn-data/storage/design.xml
     * brooklyn-data/storage/setup.xml

NOTE: When we write brooklyn-data, we are using brooklyn as the template name. Your site could be brooklyn-data, sarin-data, lyra-data, etc.

4 - update. run an update through the installer, as this will update any settings in your content pages, and clear out any non-available features from the old template.  this would also be a good time to consider making the site live -- or you can keep it in temporary mode until your site is completely setup, and re-run the update again to make it live in the future.

Note: Click here to learn how to run an update

5 - audit. there will be some new features, and some old features may not transfer. you'll need to play with things a bit, but for the most part, you will have a solid base to work from.

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