VIDEO -Self-hosted becoming Members: How to import your blogsite

How to import your Wordpress blog into the membership account

Below is a video and some instructions on how you can import an existing wordpress database into your hosted membership account. 



You must have your own FTP client (download here if you do not have one and Chrome browser ( to import.

Log into your existing WordPress blog at your current host and on the left go to Tools and Export this will create an .xml file you need in a moment.

After connecting to your hosting provider with your FTP information you will find three (3) folders you need to download. The first is wp-content, the second is the data folder for your template. If you have the clove blog then you will be downloading the clove-blog-data folder. The final folder is one that not everyone has... it is called blogshow-data. This folder will be there for all of you that have our blogsites or that purchased Blogshow on your own. If you have a regular blog and did not purchase Blogshow then you will not see this folder. Copy this folder onto your computer.

Drag and drop this into the "Import" section of your membership area. This area is located in the "My Account Settings" area. Once you have imported all the images and basic content you can then log into your new blog in our membership area go to Tools and Import Choose the .xml file you received earlier and upload that.


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