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Email forwarding is no longer supported.  Due to changes in the nature of email, spam, and required authentication, we can no longer guarantee email delivery using forwarding.



If your account is still using email forwarding, it's very important that you stop using the forwarding service and choose an alternate form of receiving email.


Option 1 - Using Gmail?  Just use Gmail.

If you had an email forward setup like, chances are emails are not being successfully delivered to your inbox, or if they are, they are being relegated to your spam folder, and are probably not even seeing them.

If you don't intend to setup an authenticated inbox with a email hosting provider, you should remove all references to your in your contact forms and pages, etc.  The forwarding will continue to remain in place, but we can not guarantee delivery.  So changing references to it sooner than later is your best bet.


Option 2 - Setup your email through a Email Hosting provider.

The internet changes rapidly, and nowhere is that more apparant than in how email gets treated.  Within just the past year, there have been more and more sanctions against unauthenticated email than ever.  Things like DMARC, DKIM, SPF records, and PTR records are all required now.  These are complicated things to setup, and the reason they exist is because the people who produce spam are getting more and more sophisticated.

It's just not possible any longer to send and email to a reputable email provider like google, hotmail, or yahoo without being authenticated.  And what is authentication?  It means that each email that gets sent needs to be sent by logging in with a username and password, and be sent by the real place where the email inbox resides.

Passing email from one domain to another just won't cut it anymore unfortunately.

So, if you would like to continue using your email address, you are going to need to sign up for dedicated email hosting, and we are more than happy to set that up for you!  Click on the link below to read more about email options and let us do the rest!

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