Host your email with a FREE Zoho account and add it to your membership


If you would like to send and receive emails associated with your domain (ie:, ZOHO allows you to host your email with their free account. There are 4 steps to get your FREE email up and running. 


STEP 1: Get started
1. Go to
2. Click SIGN UP under the FREE option.
3. Type in your already registered domain name and click ADD DOMAIN
4. Fill out the your name, your first email address, create a password, and fill out your contact email (IMPORTANT: your CONTACT EMAIL needs to be another email address like gmail or hotmail so that you can receive the verification emails. ) Click SIGN UP
5. Congratulations Screen: click PROCEED TO VERIFY DOMAIN OWNERSHIP
IMPORTANT: This will take you to the Welcome Screen. You will need information on this page. Keep this page open for the entire process.


STEP 2: Add a CNAME Record

1. Login to your membership account
2. Click the SETTINGS button 
3. Click DOMAINS
4. Click on the MANAGE DNS icon (HINT: it is the first of the five icon to the right of your domain)
Hint: You will copy the information from the ZOHO welcome Screen. Did you close the welcome screen? Click the link below and follow the CNAME Method to generate a new cname record. Click here to generate a new Cname record.

6. Name field – Name/Host/Alias/Cname Hint: You will copy the information from the ZOHO welcome Screen

7. Domain Name to Direct to: Value / Points To / Destination Hint: You will copy the information from the ZOHO welcome Screen

8. TTL: 3600
9. Click SAVE



Now we are going to add 2 MX records HINT: You are going to want to delete any MX records that already exist. You may want to write this info down just in case.

1. Click ADD MX RECORD to add the 1st MX record
2. Domain Name:
3. TTL: 3600
4. Priority: 10
5. Click SAVE

6. Click ADD MX RECORD to add the 2nd MX record
7. Domain Name:
8. TTL: 3600
9. Priority: 20
10. Click SAVE



1. Go back to your zoho Welcome screen
2. Click Verify at the bottom of the page
3. Click “Proceed” on the popup
4. On the next screen, Click Create account
5. On the next screen, click NEXT
6. On the next screen, click NEXT
7. On the next screen, click NEXT
8. Email Migration: IMPORTANT: If you have old emails to migrate/backup, click "Proceed to Migrate". If you have no email to migrate click NEXT.
9. On the next screen, click DONE
10. Proceed to Access ZOHO MAIL

11. Go to your email (the contact email) and find the WELCOME TO ZOHO email
12. Click the link to verify your email.
13. Click Continue to signin

HINT: If you want to setup the mail in another email client or on your phone, please follow the directions below


IF you want to login to your new ZOHO account:



If you have the need to forward emails, here is the directions for how to do it within the zoho system.



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