Step 5: Output: sending to the client, embedding, tweeting, etc


Output is a quick way to send information/link to your specific clients or the general population.   The output tab will allow you to...

Direct link: find a direct link to a set.  This link should eliminate the need for a set ID and get the client directly into the set.  Hint: they will still have to enter a password (if setup)

Twitter & Facebook: send a link directly to your facebook or twitter account so your social networking groups can view it.  Hint: you can change the message in the "Language" tab. 

Bulk email: send a group of people associated with the set a message and link. 

For bulk email...

  1. Click on the client set.
  2. click on the "Output"
  3. Select "Bulk email" from the drop down
  4. Add comma separated email addresses
  5. Type a personal message
  6. Click "Send bulk message"

Embed Code: embed the slideshow in our blog templates. 

  1. Click on the client set.
  2. click on the "Output"
  3. Select "Embed Code" from the drop down
  4. Choose dimensions that will fit in your blog
  5. Decide if you want to auto hide the toolbar, auto play the show, and or play the music. 
  6. Click "Copy to clipboard"  (Hint:  this is the same as copying the code)
  7. Go to your blog and paste the code (if Wordpress, make sure you switch to the HTML tab)
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