Step 2: Passwords, Expiration dates, and settings

Manage your settings

1. Click "Sets"

2. Choose and click the set that you would like to manage

3. Click the "Settings" tab on the right panel

4. Password field: you can assign a password for this slideshow

5. Expires On Date: Click the "Assign a Date" and set the date you would like the set to expire. HINT: this will not delete the set. It will only restrict access to your clients. 

6. Photocart Link: Add the link to your photo cart. If you add a link here, a shopping cart icon will appear in this client set. HINT: If you use vend it will be something like

7. Use Global Soundrack: TBA

8. Enable Watermarking: If you have uploaded a watermark, mark this as "True". HINT: You will learn about watermarking in another step. 

9. Include On Gallery Wall: The Gallery Wall is where all of your client can find their set. If you want it included on the Gallery wall, mark it as "True". If you do not want this set included on the gallery wall, mark this as "False"

NOTE: learn about the gallery wall here: Gallery Wall options

10. Pin To The Top Of Gallery Wall: If you would like this set at the top of the gallery wall then select "True". HINT: some photographers will create a sample set for to share during the sales process. This makes it easy to find. 

11. Gallery Wall Image: Upload an image so that the client can easily identify their set.

12. Add the emails of your clients in a comma separated fashion (ie:,,etc). HINT: this can be useful if you use this in the OUTPUT tab later.

13. Click "SAVE" at the bottom of the right panel

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