Gallery Wall - let your clients find their slideshow

The Gallery Wall

The gallery wall is the place that your clients can find access to their slideshow. It is located exactly where you installed Ruby. So if you installed Ruby at, then this will be the direct link to it. This makes it easy to link from your website or marketing material. 


Manage the Gallery Wall settings

1. Click the "Splash" tab

2. Title field: Name the title of your slideshow. This will appear at the top of the browser. HINT: try something like "Joe Photography - Client login".

3. Splash Page View: You can use the drop down to choose two options. The default option is to use the Gallery Wall (like the image above). The alternative is to just have a simple login. If you choose this, your clients will need their set ID located in the "Sets" tab next to their name (ie: b91f). 

4. Gallery Wall Sorting: This allows you to choose how you want the items on your wall to be organized and displayed: by date or alphabetically. 

  • Date created Ascending: this will display the oldest set at the top
  • Date created Descending: this will display the newest set at the top
  • Alphabetical Ascending: this will display Z-A
  • Alphabetical Descending: this will display A-Z

5. Hide Image Counts: If you want the number of images per set to be hidden, you can choose "True". If you want the number of images to display on all of the sets, you can choose "False". 

6. Auto Hide Expired Sets: If you would like expired sets to be hidden (not deleted) from the gallery wall, you will want to make this as "True". This keeps the wall clean. 

7. Click "Save"




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