Adding an SSL Certificate to my domain

What is an SSL Certificate and do you need one?
An SSL certificate will allow you to accept credit card payments via our photo cart. You will only need an SSL certificate if you use/install our photo cart on your own domain (ie; in the membership account. There are two options below for you to explore. 

If you choose to use our default domain (ie:, an SSl certificate is already on record and you will not need to purchase an extra one. All you have to do is install the photo cart at the main default domain or in a /folder on the default domain (ie: You can still add and use your domain for your website, blog and other products. This just makes it easy and low cost for you.  


  1. Buy a new SSL. We are recommending's Domain Validation (Single Domain) This will cover one (1) domain name like and even If you have your photocart at a subdomain, like, then this will cover that as well. **Be aware when purchasing the SSL the company defaults the terms to around 5 years. You can purchase the 5 year plan but it is not necessary**
  2. After purchasing you will look in the upper right hand corner and select "My SSL"
  3. Select the green Activate off on the right side of the screen
  4. This brings you to a screen with 3 parts. 
    Part 1: Enter your CSR 
    - Here you need to log into your membership area with intothedarkroom at 
    - Go to "My Account Settings" 
    - Select the "Domains" tab 
    - There are 4 options to the right of your domain select "Generate CSR Certificate" 
    - Enter country code for your country, state, organizational name (business name), enter "NA" for Organizational Unit Name, email, and common name. 
    ***NOTICE*** The common name needs to be exact. If you created your Vend photo cart to be at a sub domain like then this is the common name. If it is either at the main domain name ( or in a folder ( then you will place in just the YES, there is a technical difference between and just so just enter your domain name with www like so: When entering the common name like it will cover both www and non-www, if you choose just then it will only cover and not the If you have a subdomain you will NOT enter www anywhere in that common area if will look just like Pick which one you want to use and enter that into the common name area.
  5. Create the request and copy EVERYTHING from the beginning -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- to the very end -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----
  6. The server type should auto populate. If it does not please select Apache + OpenSSL and select Next.
  7. The system will send you an email to approve the SSL and here you will choose which email you want to send it to. Select "Next"
  8. Fill out all the required information on this page and select "Process Certificate"
  9. You should receive an email with a link in it. Review the info and if everything is correct select "I approve"
  10. Go back to the page and click on the "Install SSL Certificate" icon
  11. You will receive another email with Installation Instructions. There are two things you need to copy from here.
    1. The first is the Web Server CERTIFICATE and paste this into the area that says "SSL certificate (contents of" - copy EVERYTHING from the beginning -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- to the very end -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----
    2. The second is the INTERMEDIATE CA and paste this into the area that says "Certificate Authority Key (contents of bundle.crt)" - copy EVERYTHING from the beginning -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- to the very end -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- When both items are copied and pasted into their proper sections in the members area select "Save"
  12. Wait about 15 minutes and then go back to the Installation email and select the link to verify that the SSL and do the steps to verify everything was done correctly.
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