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    Order fulfillment probably the most common that is quoted. Order fulfillment is concerned with the ability to turn a customer’s specified requirements in to an actual delivered order. Thus it embraced many of the traditional function usually recognized as being a part of the logistics operation. Order fulfillment will involve the information elements of receiving and documenting an order through to the physical means of selecting and delivering the goods. Transporter in HYPERLINK ""Gurgaon  For some make to order manufacturing operations this will also have an impact on the production process itself. Some companies maintain the divide between the order taking component which is information based and the order delivery component which is both information based and physical. This is a reasonable first step in process redesign but ultimately there should be a seamless process for the operation as a whole.
             New product introduction. This is an area where many companies find they have problems. There are many logistics issues related to the introduction of new products in to the marketplace. Very often existing standard logistics structures and processes are insufficient to Transporter HYPERLINK ""Gurgaon enable a satisfactory launch of a new product. One of the main problems is the inability to respond sufficiently quickly. Standard processes are designed to deal with know products. There are two likely consequences of introducing new products using existing processes. The first is that the product takes off very quickly and very well but there is insufficient flexibility in the supply chain to ratchet up supply to the required levels. The second is that demand islower than initially expected and so there is an oversupply of stock which eventually leads to products being sold off at discount rates or becoming obsolete.
    New product development. In this example the idea is to design the product so the it can reach the market as quickly as possible from the initial design plan through to availability. The aim is to link the development of the product with the logistical requirements so that all secondary developments of which there are normally very many can be identified and re engineered in the shortest possible time. The automotive industry has led the way in setting up processes to cut significantly the time that is required to bring a product to market from initial design.

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