HTML5 Step 4 - Contact form & Mailing list



Setup a Contact Form & Mailing List - watch a video

  1. Click "Contact"
  2. Click the "Settings" tab
  3. Add a title for this page (ie: contact us)
  4. Description: Write something about contacting you like hours of operation, address, phone number, etc.
  5. Contact Form Recipients- be sure to put in the email address that you would like the contact forms to go to.
  6. Mailing List Provider - if you have a mailing list provider currently we support Mail Chimp, Mad MiMi and Campaign Monitor
  7. mailing List Account Api- this is something that you will get from your provider ie MadMimi
  8. Server Email: You can leave this blank unless you have a Yahoo email address. If you have a Yahoo email, they will give you an additional Server email address to put in the first field.
  9. Click "Save"
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    Tina Jones

    Hey, i'm having trouble locating my contact page on my website. i've created it but it doesn't show up in my content tab or in any navigation on the website. sorry if i'm being dull but i can't find it!

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    michael sablone

    @tina -- can you submit a support ticket? that way we can figure out what's up.

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    Was there a resolution to this problem?  I am also having the same issue.  I did submit a support ticket, but thought I would check here too...


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    JB Vandenburie

    Found it! You don't have to create a contact page in the "Content" tab like the others page. You go directly in the "Sitemap" tab to create a new page, then link it to a page "already existing", you scroll down and you'll see the "Contact" page...!

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