HTML5 Step 3 - Info list page (ie:FAQ)

Setup an InfoList page (ie: FAQ,) 

 An InfoList page has a series of items that link together. For example, on an FAQ page, the questions link to the answers.  This page has many uses from frequently asked questions, to package descriptions. 

  1. Crop all of your images and save them as webready JPGS.
  2. Click Content
  3. Click the "New" button
  4. Title the page (ie: FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions) 
  5. Select "InfoList"
  6. Click "Create Page"

Now you will see the page in the list of the "All Pages" panel on the left.

  1. Click the "Entries" Tab
  2. Click "New" at the bottom of the panel
  3. Under "Page Title" enter the first question. (ie: what should I wear to a shoot?)
  4. Upload an image under "Assigned Image" that corresponds to that question (optional).
  5. In the "Description", enter the answer to the question
  6. Click "Save"

Repeat all of these steps to add more entries to this page. 

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