Mini site backend guide

Understanding the Mini Site backend.

This is a section by section guide to the backend of the mini sites. It starts with the Dashboard section and explores all of the tabs within that sections before it moves to the next section. Here you should find a strong understanding of the functions in the backend of this product.



1.  The first thing you should do is add your contact email in the YOUR EMAIL form.   This turns on the client mail form on to make sure you can receive information from your clients in the next step.  To do this:

  • Click the “Contact & Mailing List”

  • Find the “Settings” panel (on the right)

  • Your email address: Add your email address in the first field and your name in the second.

  • Do nothing else. 
  • Click “Save”

2. Once you add your email address to the backend, go to the URL that it was installed at.  Since you have not added any additional content, a questionaire appears that will collect information from your clients for this site. Now you can send your URL to the client so they can get you some good info.  Once you start to fill out ANY additional information in the backend, the questionaire will go away and the content will appear.




Where do I go to login to the backend of the mini site?

For exact information, please see the emails sent to you during your initial installation of the product.  When you initially installed the product, you installed it at a URL or in a directory folder.  The URL probably looked something like this: .  If this is the case, then the admin location should look something like this: (just add the /?admin to the end of the URL).



System Info Tab

  • This will provide you with information about your server.

Toolbox tab

  • Create System Storage Backup File: This will zip up a folder and allow you to download it.

  • View PHP Info Sheet: This will allow you to see your server's PHP information.

  • Preview Site Without Flash: This is meant to show you approximately what your non-flash version will look like (ie: mobile).

  • Turn flash Back on: This will allow you to turn your flash version back on in your browser. Not everyone is seeing the site like this.

  • Submit Sitemap to search engines: This alerts the 4 major search engines (Google, Ask, Bing, Yahoo) about your site quicker than finding it on their own.

Change Password tab

  • This will allow you to change your password.

Change Username Tab

  • This will allow you to change your username.

Release Notes Tab

  • This will show you which version you are currently running and allow you to see all of the release notes for the product.

  • Update Now!: This button will allow you to start the update process with your product key auto filled. However, you will still need your FTP information.

  • Send us a Suggestion: We always want to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to send us any suggestions that you might have to improve this product.

File Library

  • This will contain your site's assets like logo. Backgrounds, etc. It does not contain page assets.





Modify your settings

  1. Click “Content”

  2. Click the “Settings” tab

  3. Site name: Type in something like the clients name (ie: Jack and Jill 2011). This will appear at the top of the website.

  4. Site Theme: Select from the drop down to change the design of the site.

  5. Password: Enter a password for the site. (this is optional)

  6. Site Expiration: If you want to remove access to this site after a specific date, you can set that date here.

  7. Footer text: This is a good place to add your site copyright (ie: Copyright 2011 Jay Reilly Photography)

  8. Google Analytics Code: This is the full javascript markup. They provide this when you set up the analytics for this URL. ( you'll need to use the entire string)

  9. Click “Save”




The event details

  1. Click “Content”

  2. Click the “Event Details” tab

  3. Enter the event date

  4. Show Countdown clock: If you select “True”, this will create a count down clock to the event date.

  5. Location: Type in the address of the event location.

  6. Location External Link: This is great if you want to add a Google maps link to the location.

  7. Event Description: this can be something that you our your client writes about the event.

  8. Click “Save”




Manage the social links

  1. Click “Content”

  2. Click the “Social” tab

  3. Facebook share thumbnail: You can set up an image that will be displayed when someone shares the site. Hint: It takes a few days for Facebook to register the image, so give it some time if it doesn't show up right away.

  4. Twitter User #1 username: Type in the twitter user name. If their twitter URL is “”, then just type in the “intothedarkroom”.

  5. Twitter User #2 username: Type in the twitter user name. Hint:The user's profile picture will automatically show up next to the twitter feed.

  6. Comma Separated Flickr Feed tags: Enter a comma separated list of images you would like to pull into this feed. The feed will pull in the last 20 images. We suggest that you ask your clients to tell friends and family to use a unique tag like: “jackandjill2012arizona”.

  7. Turn on Facebook commenting: Click “True” if you want people to be able to comment on the site and add that comment to their Facebook wall.




Use Flaunt and Vend

This feature will pull in your client's Vend and or Flaunt sets. However, there are a few things you are going to want to make sure you do before using this add on. First, make sure you have the most up to date versions of the applications. Second, make sure you are using the “gallery wall” option as your Vend or Flaunt splash pages. Third, make sure you have added the sets to the wall.

Click to learn more about the Flaunt splash wall or the Vend splash wall.


  1. Click “Content”

  2. Click the “Social” tab

  3. Flaunt URL: This is the direct link to the set. (click here to learn how to find this). We recommend adding engagement pictures here when the site launches.

  4. Vend URL: This is the direct link to the set. (click here to learn how to find this). We recommend sending out a mailing list blast to this audience after the event.




Add links

The links can be for any purpose you need. They could be vendors (hint, hint) that the event is using, they could be event specific like tuxedo rentals, etc.

  1. Click “Content”

  2. Click the “Links” tab

  3. Click “New” at the bottom

  4. Enter the navigation link (ie “our photographer”)

  5. Enter a URL: type in the link (ie your website)

  6. Click “Create Link”


Hint: you can reorder the links by clicking on the link in the link list and using the arrows at the bottom of the panel to move it up or down.



Add header images

You are going to want to crop and save all of these images as web ready jpegs.

  1. Click “Images”.

  2. Click “Upload” at the bottom of the panel.

  3. Click “Add files from your computer”.

  4. Find the files that you prepared on your computer.

  5. Wait till all of the images have uploaded and click “Done”.


Header image sizes for each theme

  • Standard Dark: 886 x 498
  • Standard Wedding: 886 x 498
  • Minimal: 886 x 498
  • Standard Light: 886 x 498





Manage header settings

  1. Click “Images”.

  2. Click the “Server Side Re-sampling” Tab

  3. Use Server Side re-sampling: if you select “True”, this will reduce the file size (by percentage) of your images making them easier on the users bandwidth. However, we do suggest that when you are in Photoshop, you adjust the quality of your images to make them the optimum size for reduced bandwidth.

  4. Re-sampling Quality: Turn the percentage of the server side re-sampling up or down to increase or reduce the size of the files.

  5. Use Image Magick Library if available: (Not all servers have this.) Select “True” if you are using the server side re-sampling feature. This could process your images faster at higher resolutions.

  6. Automatically Sharpen re-sample Images: Selecting True will sharpen the images as they are scaled down in the server-side re-sampling process. This will keep your images from looking "soft".

  7. Click “Save”




Watermarking your header images

  1. Click “Images”

  2. Click the “Watermarking” tab

  3. Use Watermarking Image: If you select “True” this will turn watermarking on. If you select “False” watermarking will be turned off.

  4. Watermarking Image: Upload an image you would like to use for your watermark. We recommend a one color logo saved as a transparent PNG.

  5. Watermark X Offset: This helps you determine the horizontal position of the watermark. 0 will move the mark left, 100 will move the mark right.

  6. Watermark Y Offset: This helps you determine the vertical position of the watermark. 0 will move the mark up, 100 will move the mark down.

  7. Watermark Opacity: You can control the opacity of the watermark with the numerical number.

  8. Draw Crosshairs: if you select “True”, a one pixel “X” will be drawn over the image serving as a protective watermark.

  9. Crosshairs Color: The color of the watermark lines can be determined by the color picker.

  10. Crosshairs Opacity: You can control the opacity of the watermark with the numerical number.

  11. Click “Save”



Set up your contact email and use the mailing list


General setup

  1. Click the “Contact & Mailing List”

  2. Find the “Settings” panel (on the right)

  3. Your email address: Add your email address in the first field and your name in the second.

  4. Server Outgoing email: this is only required if you know your host requires it.

  5. Show mailing list: Mark this as “True” to allow people to sign up for the mailing list.

  6. Contact list: You can add comma separated email addresses of your clients that belong to this site. You will be able to send them information from the “output” tab by selecting the “include Contact List” under the “Bulk Email” option.

  7. Contact form Recipients: Add the appropriate emails that should receive the contact form submissions.

  8. Contact Form Instructions: Add some text that will appear on the site next to the contact form.

  9. Click “Save”


View the mailing list

  1. Click “Contact & Mailing List”

  2. Click the “Mailing list” tab

This is a list of all of the people who have signed up so far.


Sending mass emails, tweets and more

  • Output is a quick way to send information/link to your specific clients or the general population. The output tab will allow you to...

  • Send Bulk email: send a group of people associated with the set a message and link.

  • Copy direct link: find a direct link to a set. This link should eliminate the need for a set ID and get the client directly into the set. Hint: they will still have to enter a password (if setup) and an email address.

  • Twitter & Facebook: send a link directly to your facebook or twitter account so your social networking groups can view it. Hint: you can change the message in the "Language" tab.


To send a mass email

  1. Click “Contact & Mailing List”

  2. Click the “Output Actions” tab

  3. Select “Send a Bulk Email” from the drop down

  4. Choose a “General Message” to send a regular update. Choose “Expiration reminder” to remind people that the site is expiring.

  5. Check “Include Site Contact List: if you added emails in the “Setting” field.

  6. Check “Include mailing List” if you want to include people that have signed up to receive information

  7. Extra Comma separated email Addresses allows you to add and additional emails not in your list

  8. Type your message

  9. Click “Send Bulk message”


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  • 0
    Christopher McCord

    So are the minisites intended to purchased for each "even" we want to use the template? Not meant for one $25 purchase and then used on multiple events? So I'd have to include the $25 cost in each event package put together if they want the benefits of a minisite?

  • 0
    Lisa Govea

    @Christopher yes the sites are currently on sale for $25 but it is up to you to decide at what price you would like to market this minisite to your clients as you are going to be putting this site together for your client.


  • 0
    Christopher McCord

    Thanks Lisa! I went and read the FAQs closer, and it answered my question about this here. I'm for sure buying one to use as a demo. Then will start offering them as add ons to my packages. Do you know what the price will go up to after the limited time $25 is up? Are we talking $75 - $100?

  • 0
    michael sablone

    the final price hasn't been 100% decided on, but will not exceed $100.  more like $50.

  • 0
    Christopher McCord

    @Michael, thats good to know, I don't think it should. I was going to start at that price right now while they were $25, as an add on if anyone wants one.

    Knowing I would have to probably raise the price later one when you all did. I'm very excited to offer one of these to my next bride.

  • 0
    Laurent Pareau

    Hello, congrats for this wonderfull product. I've been looking for that a long time, thanks a lot.

    Where can I change settings to have date in french syntax ? Is there a text-file I can modify so that Mini site will display date and time as the french way ?

  • 0
    Windee Winata


    I have a question regarding sending mass emails.

    The person sending the mass emails has to have access to the backend. Now, I don't want my clients accessing the backend, but I also don't want to frequently send mass emails for them for every little updates that they want people on the mailing list to know. Got an idea? Thanks. 

  • 0

    Is there a way to setup vend and flaunt without using vend and flaunt. I have my own slideshow and proofing software/sites that I use. Since I bought the site, there has to be a way to import a pic and a description for those sections? Thanks.

  • 0
    michael sablone

    @laurent -- very, very soon!  over the next month we're going to be offering all our products in multiple languages, all localized.  hang tight, and when they become available, you'll be able to update/purchase in the language of your choice!

    @windee -- agreed, you don't want to be sending emails for on your clients behalf.  i'm a full supporter that that mailing list is YOUR mailing list.  a way for you to notify people when YOU have something to say.  right now, the easiest thing would be to export the list and send it to them by going to Login > Contact & Mailing List > Mailing List > Export as CSV and let them deal with it.  i'd certainly be open to suggestions on how to make this work differently -- anyone reading this have any thoughts?

    @takethebrownpill -- sorry!  we built those bits specifically knowing how our products work.  but there are way to do it manually if you like!  of course, the easiest thing would be to just add links to the link bar.  but don't forget that the main event description is 100% fully markdown compliant.  here is the link to detailed markdown syntax: -- technically speaking you should be able to embed images, links, bulleted lists, anything you like!  even full-on html or embed codes or javascript.  let us know what you come up with!

  • 0

    @michael - Where can I insert my own picture for the Vend area. I don't use Vend but want it to look like the demo sites you already have. When I input my clients section into the Vend category it places a "Launch" Button but I can't insert an image. Basically, like in wordpress, is there a template editing section?

  • 0

    @michael - I figured out where the markdown section is however, it only adds instead of lets you change. Right now I've embed a slideshow under the about section. I wanted to put it in the Slideshow section (so I can have the icon navigation) but you have to have an external link which creates a "launch" button. I'd like to remove all of that if possible. Here is what it is looking like right now

    Let me know if we need to move this discussion to email


  • 0
    Albert Gacsadi

    Is there a way to add mp3 music file to play along with the mini site's slideshow? Thx in advance!

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