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Prepare your images

  • Crop your images to 600x400 pixels. (600 width & 400 height). Make sure to save them as ‘Web Ready’ (72 dpi) ‘Non Progressive’ .jpgs.
  • HINT: In Photoshop go to 'Save' > choose the ‘For Web’ option. You only need to set the quality at about 70 percent and you will have awesome images that upload fast for your clients!
  • HINT: For a good source on Batch Processing these to save time, visit:


Connect to the server

  • Using an FTP Client (File Transfer Protocol), connect to your server with your FTP login and password. (If you do not have this information, contact your webhosting provider and they can give it to you). Still confused? Don't hesitate to call!
  • HINT: For FTP transfer, we recommend the FireFTP plugin for the Firefox Browser


Create your client seesion

  • Once connected to your server, you'll see the root (ie. public_html, www, etc.) you should see the 'Darkroom' folder. Within the 'Darkroom' folder will be a folder called 'Client'- inside this folder is where you will create your sessions. You will see that we have already made one for you called 'sample'- use this as your guide to create your own. So like...
  • darkroom / client / sample
  • Create a new directory/folder within the 'Client' folder (naming it whatever you want)...
  • darkroom / client / your_client_name
  • Once you have your new directory/folder created, simply transfer the images that you want to show up in that specific client's session from your computer into their folder.


Test it

  • Use this link structure below to view the session you have made. All you need to do is change out the last word from "sample" to the client's name you just set up. For example...


Add Music

  • To add music to client's SlideShare, simply drop an MP3 file into your client's folder. You can add multiple songs and they will play in ascending alphabetical > numerical order. To change the order of your session's playlist, name songs ascendingly, like: 1_awesome_song.mp3, 2_radical_song.mp3 or awesome.mp2, bangin.mp3, cooool.mp3, etc.
  • To optimize your music for the web, go to iTunes
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