Prepare your images

    * Crop your images to fit within 600x400 pixels.
    * This is 600 for the width and 400 for the height- so keep this in mind if you need to seperate your vertical and horizontal images.
    * Save them as web-ready non-progressive .jpgs in a location easy for you to find for upload later.
    * NOTE:In PhotoShop there is a save option that says FOR WEB- you want to do this because it will not only save them appropriately but will optimize them so that they load faster and your viewers can see them more quickly.

Connect to your server

    * If you are familiar with and use a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Client, go ahead and connect to your server. If not, we reccomend downloading and using FireFTP- which is a free FTP client that plugs into the Firefox Browser.

Create your client session

    * Once connected to your server, and in the root (ie. public_html, www, etc.) you should see the DARKROOM folder. Within the DARKROOM folder will be a folder called CLIENT- inside here is where you will create your sessions. You will see that we have already made one for you called SAMPLE- use this as your guide to create your own. So like… darkroom/client/sample/sample-set-one
    * Create a new directory/folder and subfolder within the CLIENT folder (naming them whatever you want)…darkroom/client/your_client_name/sub-folder_name
    * Once you have your new directory/folder, and sub-folder created, simply transfer the images that you want to show up in that specific client’s session from your computer into their sub-folder.

Why the subfolder?

    * 1. If you have our SlideShare, you already you know that the images for the SlideShare go into the main client folder. The subfolder is a way to distinguish the images for your SlideShare or PhotoProof.
    * 2. You can create as many sub-folders as you want and they will all show up in the same PhotoProof session! Doing a huge wedding shoot? You can use the sub-folders to categorize you images. (rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, etc.)
    * 3. Speed up the loading time. You may have hundreds of images for one client to look through. We suggest putting 50-100 images in each of your sub-folders to optimize loading time and get you clients through all of those images fast.

Test it

    * Use this link structure below to view the session you have made. All you need to do is change out the last word from "sample" to the client’s name you just set up. For example… http://www.yourdomainname.com/darkroom/proof/?client/sample/sample-set-one - to- http://www.yourdomainname.com/darkroom/proof/?client/your_client_name/sub-folder_name

Advanced Options
Changing your prices

    * Go to darkoom/proof/assets
    * Download the setup.ordering.xml to your computer
    * Open it up with a normal text editor such as Notepad
    * Change the prices to the new ones that you want. If you need more entries, simply copy and paste the pattern of text for one entry.
    * Save and re-upload to the same location. * If you would like your clients to have different prices, instead of re-uploading the setup.ordering.xml into darkroom/proof/assets, simply upload it into their folder instead.

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