How Paypal Works in Vend

What we use is PayPal's IPN -- Instant Payment Notification,  and sometimes, it isn't that instant.  We've seen it take up to 15 minutes before,  but most of the time it is, in fact, instantaneous.

Basically, the way Vend works is like this: 

  • When someone pays with PayPal, the order is actually still sitting right there in their cart -- unbeknownst to them.
  • Then they go to PayPal, to pay for it, and then -- theoretically -- using IPN, PayPal tells your server (and Vend) that order has been placed, and to change the Vend cart into a Vend order. 
  • At this point that is when you get notified by Vend about the order, and the invoices show up and all that jazz.

So from the time they leave Vend, to the time PayPal's IPN pings your server -- the order is in limbo.  We do it this way because of the apprehensive buyer syndrome, we totally just made that term up.  But it's when you've got $800 of "stuff" in your cart, and "yeah, it was expensive, but what the heck, they're my grandchildren!" gets absolved in the mind of your buyer, and they click "purchase" -- and then ... wait for it ... get sent to PayPal -- to make that decision all over again.  Different screen, and another chance to change their minds.  

So we don't make the order until they pay, and if they don't pay, they can always go right back to Vend, and their order will be right there waiting for them.   This time they'll know the drill:  make the decision twice, or time to trim.

This is where sometimes PayPal can really mess things up, because some people are very antsy indeed, they put in the order, and then they log back into Vend and the order is still there!  so they submit again.  But what they don't know is that PayPal's IPN is just running behind, and has yet to contact the server.  In which case it will cause pending payment.

The issue comes up very rarely -- in fact, 99% of the time it's people who buy Vend for the first time, and test thier own order, and know the email should be coming in, but it's not, so they re-submit and things get lost in cyberspace.

If it ever does happen, it's really no one's fault (except for maybe PayPal not being so instant) -- but it really needs to be the perfect storm.

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    Hello, just to confirm, do we have to use Pay Pal's "Website Payment Pro" or can we use "Website Payment Standard"?  The pro version costs $30/month, while the standard is free.   Is there a way to use the standard set up?  Thanks.

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    hey josh... i asked the same thing and i was told that you DO have to sign up for the PRO version.  kind of sucks, but i guess it will be worth it if you sell more than $30/month.  you may also have to contact your site host to purchase an SSL.

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    Hey guys, I paid the $30 a month paypal website payments pro from December-March and just now am finding out that my credit card processing in VEND is not working because you have to add a $20/month option for paypal to only check for billing zipcodes in order for the orders to pass. So thats $50/month plus 2.5% transaction fees plus your SSL certificate and hosting costs. I don't know about you, but none of this is written anywhere in this forum or in the VEND setup info and that is way too much in fees for me to operate besides equipment costs. 

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