Video - Flaunt Slideshow- Client Set Settings (passwords, expirations, photo cart link, etc)


Adjust the settings for this client set

  1. Click “Content”
  2. Click the client set
  3. Click the “Settings” tab on the right panel
  4. Enter a Password (optional)
  5. Set an expiration date (optional)
  6. Add a photo cart link: If you add a photo cart link, a shopping cart icon will appear in the tool bar of this set.
  7. Turn favorites on: Select "True" if you would like your users to have the favorites option. 
  8. Use the Global Soundtrack: Set this to "False"for now.  this means we are going to upload music specifically for this set.  Later you can use the Global playlist. (Learn how to add music)
  9. Include on Gallery wall: Set this to "True" to make this set appear on the gallery wall. (Learn about the gallery wall)
  10. Gallery Wall Image: Add an image that is no taller than 150 pixels to represent this image on the gallery wall. 
  11. Contact List: Add the emails of your clients in a comma separated fashion (ie:,etc)
  12. Click "Save"
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