Video - Flaunt Slideshow- Create a set & Add images

Add a new client set

  1. Click “Content”
  2. Click “NEW”
  3. Name the set 9HINT: name it something simple like the client's name “smith”. Don't use funny characters like %,$,& )
  4. Click “Create Page”

HINT: You will now set the new set in the list on the left panel. You can now click on it to upload images and more.


Upload web ready images

  1. Click “Content”
  2. Click the client set
  3. Click the “Image List” tab on the right panel
  4. Click the “Upload” button at the bottom
  5. Click “Add Files From your Computer” (in the new window)
  6. Find the images you want to upload
  7. Wait for all of the images to be done loading.
  8. Click “Done”
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