Cicely blog (No longer sold)

The Cicely blog has a designer background leather texture that you can tint to modify the appearance.   The following options can be found in the "ITDR Admin" below the WordPress navigation on the left side. 


General Sizes:

  • Blog Post images: 968 pixels wide
  • Header images: 1000 x 312 pixels
  • Logo: 280 x 90 pixels







Header Tab




On left:


Header Image Lists:  This shows the list of photos that will appear at the top of the blog (the header)


  1. Upload photos  ( 1000 x 312 px )




On Right:




  1. Use Server Side resampling: if you select “True”, this will reduce the file size (by percentage) of your images making them easier on the user’s bandwidth. However, we do suggest that when you are in Photoshop, you adjust the quality of your images to make them the optimum size for reduced bandwidth.
  2. Resampling Quality: Turn the percentage of the server side re-sampling up or down to increase or reduce the size of the files.
  3. Slideshow timer: How fast do you want the photos to load the next image on the list.
  4. Autoplay Video: Do you want video to automatically start playing?
  5. Turn Image Letterboxing on: When click on a photo in your posts it will open in that window with nothing else except that image






Design Tab




Settings Tab




  1. Main Logo: 280  x 90 pixels
  2. Heading Font Style: Font type of your header
  3. Content Text Style: The font type of your content
  4. Background Overlay Color:  The background coloring will be changed with this option
  5. Sub-navigation Background Color: The color behind the sub-navigation links
  6. Rollover Color: The color of the navigation as you hover over it
  7. Description Text Color will change the color of the description text
  8. Description text size: determines the size of the description text.
  9. Navigation Text Size will change the size of the navigation text. We set the demo to 18
  10. Title Text Size: The font size of the title on the posts. Demo is 18








  1. Embed Images replace Fonts:
  2. Video Skin Player: Allows for different looks of the video player
  3. Video Player Shows Fs:
  4. Video Player Background Color: Color of the background on the video player.








Setup Tab






  1. Browser Title Separator: When using multiple phrases in your title this character will separate those phrases
  2. Footer Link Text: Footer Link Text: choose from the dropdown how you want the link to read.
  3. Footer: Add your copyright information here. (i.e.: © 2010 ITDR | intothedarkroom | all rights reserved)
  4. When you set up your Google Analytics account, they give you a UA code. Just put this code in this field. It looks like this: UA-XXXXXXX-X.
  5. Use Twitter: This shows the Twitter Icon
  6. Twitter Username: Enter your username
  7. Use Facebook: This shows the Facebook Icon
  8. Facebook Account Link: Enter the link to your Facebook page
  9. Use Linkedin: This shows the Linkedin icon
  10. Linkedin Account Link: Enter in the URL for your Linkedin account.
  11. Use Google Plus: This shows an icon on the right underneath the header image
  12. Google Plus Account link: Enter in the URL for your Google Plus page
  13. Use Facebook Like Button: Activate the Facebook Like button icon
  14. Use Google +1: Shows +1 icon
  15. Send contact email from self:








All of the text for all of the buttons can be changed in the Language tab. This is completely optional if you choose to do this.


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