Perilla Blog (No longer sold)

The Perilla blog scrolls left and right instead of up and down.  So when thinking about images, you are going to focus more on the height of the image instead of the width (like in a normal blog).  Since we are not sure what height you would like the blog to be, we decided to provide you with the settings that are currently in our demo.  The following options can be found in the "ITDR Admin" below the WordPress navigation on the left side. 


General Sizes:

  • Blog Post images: 576px wide


Header tab

  • Header images: 557x630
  • Header aspect ratio: 557x630
  • Server Side Re-sampling: false
  • Resampling Quality: 75
  • Slideshow Timer: 5
  • Autoplay video: false


Design Tab

  • Blog Max height: 650
Understanding the Logo
  • There is no specific place for a logo.  We found that it works best in the header area integrated into your header image graphic. 
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    THANKS! Can't believe I actually found the answer to my problem

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    Julia Gendron

    Yay, this did the trick! Thank you!


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    Ramona Okimoto

    Do you know longer support Perilla?  Wasn't there a link to view more info on settings than what you are providing here?  :(   

    I've become frustrated with the text not formatting properly to fit within the given space.  Can you please help me with this? 

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    Brad Hassett

    Ramona, we still support it but no longer sell it.  If you need some help please submit a support ticket.

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