SEO for your blog - Meta Title, Description, Keywords, etc

There is a massive amount of SEO plugins available for WordPress.  Our favorite is the extremely popular "All in One SEO Pack" -  It's robust but still simple enough for the SEO beginners.  To get it setup on your blog:

  1. Install
    1. Login to your WordPress installation
    2. Click "Plugins" > "Add New"
    3. Search "All in One SEO Pack"
    4. Find it and click "Install Now"
    5. Click "Activate Plugin"
  2. Setup
    1. Click "Settings" > "All in One SEO"
    2. Change "Plugin Status" to enabled
    3. Fill out your Home Title, Home Description, and Home Keywords
    4. Uncheck "Use no index for Categories"
    5. Click "Update Options" and the bottom.
  3. Use
    1. To use it just go into the page/post you want to add keywords / description for in WordPress and you should see a "All in One SEO Pack" panel somewhere under your text editor. 
    2. Hint: Titles will automatically be added so you don't necessarily need to change these.

That's it! :)

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