Understanding the tabs in your ITDR Admin

Not all the tabs below are going to be the same for each blog. For example, some of our blogs were designed with out a welcome area or with the ability to change the width of the blog body. The information below is to give you a general road map to the ITDR backend to make using it easier.




The Dashboard gives you current statistics on both your product and your server. Some information that you might find helpful:


  • Current product version
  • Server storage usage
  • Maximum Upload Size



Under the header tab, you will find everything that pertains to the image slideshow that is normally at the top of your blog. Some options that you might find helpful are:


  • Uploading images
  • Slideshow timer


Welcome (if available)

the Welcome tab will allow you to set up a small bio area towards the top of your blog. Not all blog designs are equipped with this tab. If you have this tab, you will be able to:


  • Upload an image
  • Add a title
  • Add welcome text


The design tab allows you to control the visual elements in your blog. Each blog has different options. We encourage you to explore this tab in detail and use the branding options to their full potential. Some of the items you might use are:


  • Upload a logo
  • Change your colors
  • Font options
  • Upload a background (if available)
  • Adjust drop shadows (if available)
  • Adjust the header height (if available)
  • Adjust the blog width (if available)
  • Adjust the font text sizes



The setup tab houses options such as:

  • Footer link text
  • Language options (if available)
  • Google Analytics



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