Add an image to the post


Add an image from your computer

  • Click "Posts" in the menu bar on the left
  • Find the "Up-load/insert" icons (Hint: Under the "title" field and above the "text field")
  • Click the first icon "Add an image" (A pop window will appear)
  • Click "Select files" Browse for your image(s) click open (window will change)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the window and select "Full Size"
  • Click "Insert into post"


Add an image from a URL.

If you are loading an image from a website or different URL select, "From URL"

  • Put in the url in the "Image URL" area be sure to copy the entire url
  • For "Image Title" make sure to put the title of the image
  • Where it says "Alternate Text" this is where you will put what you want the image to be called.
  • "Image caption" is where you can add a few words of description.
  • Click "Insert Into Post"

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