Using Dreamhost


Write down the information you provide in these steps, You will need it when installing Wordpress.

1) Login to

2) Click “Goodies” on the left navigation. Then click “MySQL Databases”.


3) Scroll to the bottom of the page, and fill in your desired database information.

4) Click “Add new database now!”


5) Your database is now ready to go!


  1. Open up your internet browser. Go to the URL where you installed your blog.
  2. Click “Create a Configuration File”.
  3. Click “Let’s Go!”.
  4. Fill in your database information from step 2/3.
    1. Keep “localhost” in the “Host” field unless you have DreamHost as your host provider. If you do have DreamHost your “Host” will be “”.
    2. Don’t change “Table Prefix”. (leave it filled in as "wp_")
  5. Click “Run the Install”.
  6. Fill in “Blog Title” and “Your E-mail” with your desired information. Click “Install Wordpress”.
  7. Note the username and password they give you as you will need this to log in. Click “Log In”.
  8. Login with the information from the last step.
  9. You will see a note at the top of your Wordpress install that says “Yes, Take me to my profile page”. Click that.
  10. Scroll to the bottom of your profile page and change your password to your desired password. Click “Update Profile”.

Step 4: Activate the rest of your Plugins

1) Activate the following plugins (optional) by selecting them and clicking "activate"

2) Activate "ITDR ADMIN"



1) Click “Appearance” on the left navigation.


2) Find the theme you purchased from IntoTheDarkroom and select “Activate”.

NOTE: the "preview" will not work.

Step 5: ITDR Admin

Your blog is all setup and ready to go! Any further design customization can be done through the “ITDR Admin”, which can be found at the bottom of the left navigation in the backend of wordpress.


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