How to install a website template.


1. go to:

2. Click BUY A NEW product

3. Click on the product you would like to purchase

4. Click the SELECT THIS PRODUCT button at the bottom right

5. Click the PURCHASE button

HINT: you can use a discount code here if you have one

6. Type in your domain that you want to install the product on. Also, type in a sub folder if you need one.

HINT: The final URL will be typed out at the bottom. If you are trying to install a blog, the system might automatically add the subfolder /blog. Remove the /blog if you do not want the product installed there.

7. If the URL is correct, Click the CONTINUE TO FTP SETTINGS button at the bottom

8. Enter your FTP settings. Hint if you do not know this info, call your host provider. Also, the "I don't know my document root" will be checked. This is fine. 

9. Click the "TEST SETTINGS & CONTINUE" button at the bottom right

HINT: If you encounter a Domain resolution error, it normally means that either your domain was just purchased or that the domain is not associated with that FTP info. If you just purchased the domain or just added it to that hosting account, it could take 24-72 hours to resolve. So, you should be able to try to install again in about 24 hours.

10. Agree to the terms and click "PROCEED"

11. Type in your Contact info and click "PROCEED"

12. The product should be installed when you see the success window.

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