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Setup a Splash Page  

A splash page is a gateway page that links to different web entities.  It can link to your website, your blog, and other sites that you may have.  Many photographers link to different websites: ie: enter my weddings site, enter my portrait site, etc.  Some splash pages come with images, some are just links. 

  1. Click "Splash"
  2. Click on the "Settings" tab
  3. Add a "Title" for the site. When people save your site as a favorite or bookmark... this is the name that will show in that list
  4. Show image captions: Select "True" if you want captions to show on the images.  (if available)
  5. Enter an SEO blurb.  The is a description for search engines about what the site is. 
  6. Click "Save"

Now you can add links on your splash page.  Not every template is going to be set up the same.  Some have images some are just text. 

  1. Click on the "Photo 1" tab
  2. Upload an image (if available)
  3. Enter a title for the link (ie: enter site)
  4. Choose the destination of the button: Either click "link to the page you create" and link to one of the pages that you created OR type the URL in the "Enter URL" field if you want it to link to an external site like your blog. Please make sure you enter in the whole address
  5. Choose Where this link opens:  Select same window if it is linking to an internal page.  Select a new window if you are linking to an external URL.
  6. Click "Save"
  7. Repeat these steps for the additional tabs if necessary.

Hint: To remove the Splash page, you must delete all of the content. To do this, click the "Splash" tab and click "Revert to Default". This will delete everything in that section. 


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