Gallery list images not showing up in the html version? Here's why

We actually did this on purpose. Why you ask ? Well, for the most part, the html version is there to serve mobile devices such as iphone/ipad/windows phone/android, etc. So since there is no "rollover" state on touch devices per se,we have pretty much tried to eliminate anything that required a mouse to interact with it.

The gallery list is a great example of this in terms of usability.  While i'm sure you, as the photographer, are more interested in the image that you have chosen for the gallery list item, it's really the text that is the important part for your users in an environment when you don't have a mouse to roll over each item to discover what they are and where they go.

With our current setup, you can see very clearly what each item in the grid represents, and the image is still there in the shadows. It's a better experience for your users, and we hope you'll agree!

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