Using the Social Bar

You can now add items to your Social Bar ( this will show up at the bottom of your site )

  1. Click the "Setup" tab
  2. Click the "Web services" tab

Sidenote: Everything in this tab is optional.

a. The Facebook Share Thumbnail- this will be the image that shows up to the left of the url when posted to a Facebook Wall.

b. Enter your  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+ Profile urls ( ie: )

c. Use Facebook Like Button and TweetMe Button select true ( again these are optional)

d. Your Twitter Username ( turns on the last tweet in the social bar )

e.  Use Google+1 select

f.  Recent Posts RSS Feed URL ( turns on the recent posts button in the social bar.)


To "Customize" the look of your new Social Bar

1 Design > Settings  and scroll to the very bottom

2. Social Bar Height (in pixels)

3. Social Bar Background Color

4. Click the " Fonts" tab and scroll to the very bottom

5. You have 2 more options, Social Bar Foreground Color ( also colorizes recent posts button) and Social Bar Highlight Color.





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    Windee Winata

    Hi, how do I know the "Recent posts RSS Feed" URL of my blog?


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    Peter Alongia

    The is there a way to track or change what the facebook like button links to? I would like it to link to be able to like my company instead of like that individual page. 

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