Using social networking in my website.

Your social networking icons

If you have a Remixed website, you can add links to your social networking accounts that will appear as icons on the website.  To add these icons...

  1. Click the "Setup" tab
  2. Click the "Web services" tab
  3. Enter your Facebook, Twitter, and or Linked in urls (ie:!/intothedarkroom)
  4. Click "Save"


Share buttons in the navigation

We also have a share navigation button that will allow clients to share your website with their social networking communities. 

For Facebook, you can set up an image that will be displayed.  It take a few days for Facebook to register the image, so give it some time if it doesn't show up right away.  To add or edit this image...

  1. Click the "Setup" tab
  2. Click the "Web services" tab
  3. Upload an image in the "Facebook Share thumbnail"
  4. Click "Save"


Turning Share buttons On/Off

  1. Click the "Setup" tab
  2. Click the "Settings" tab
  3. Look for the "Show share options in navigation"
  4. Mark it as "True" or "False"
  5. Click "Save"




Some of these options have changed, and/or have been added to our Social bar. Check it out here

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