Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

You should know by now that we here at intothedarkroom do things differently. We use progressive enhancement to make sure our sites are always, first and foremost, a basic HTML site that is able to be spidered and indexed by search engines like Google. Each page you create has a direct one-to-one correlation from the HTML substructure visible to search engines and the visual representation you see in flash. It's called "White Hat SEO". this is a very different approach than most flash sites that build flash first, then do browser "sniffing" to weed out devices like iPads and deliver something entirely different -- that's Black-Hat SEO.

HTML5 vs Flash, when talking about SEO, its the same comparison as HTML vs JavaScript or HTML vs CSS. Search engines can't see anything but the HTML, and we count on it. if you don't have a progressively enhanced intothedarkroom flash site, then we completely understand how you can assume that flash is not SEO -- because it's not! steer clear of sites that use browser sniffing or user agent detection to deliver alternate versions that are not connected to your site -- it can cost you big time!

the truth about SEO is that it's what lies beneath that counts. not only are our flash sites SEO, they are awesomely SEO. Google the word impostiblino -- it will take you straight to a specific page in our flash website dedicated to our made-up word.

SEO has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with content. Think about your site for a moment. SEO is all about context, with the stress on "text". How much text do you have in your site? many portfolio sites -- flash or not -- are mostly images, and search engines have no idea what kind of content they are displaying. People assume blogs are more superior SEO-wise to sites -- this is only true because by definition, blog articles tend to have text accompanying the images. it's the text you're writing that is helping you, not wordpress as a platform. True SEO comes not from the technologies used but from the integrity of the source material. If you have an intothedarkroom site, your site is just begging to get SEO'd.  Fill out your image title and descriptions, write contextual titles and descriptions on each and every page. Trust us, Google will see you. This advice applies to every site or blog on the planet, flash or not.


To get started check out our " Search Engine Optimization - the basics " article here.

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