Serif and Sans Serif, what’s the difference and what does it even mean?

Serif and Sans Serif are terms used to describe a style of different fonts.

A simple way of remembering what each one is, and a way to impress your friends by knowing what different fonts styles are,  is to remember that the fonts that have decorative flourishes at the ends of the letters are Serif fonts.  The fonts that are sans (without) those fancy flourishes are Sans Serif.

Some fun facts :

* Serif fonts are commonly used for printed work, so chances are that invitation you got in the mail  is using a serif font.

* Sans Serif fonts are used more for online work, its a bit easier on the eyes for reading purposes.




If there are doilies at the ends of  letters then this font would be considered Serif




Those without are Sans Serif





For a list of fonts that are used in our templates check out our fonts page found here

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