Color Shifting, "Save for Web", sRGB, and Color Profiles, Oh My!

Are your images that you create, and upload looking all weird in the browser?  Flesh tones looking more like sunburns?  Fear not!  It's just a simple setting change. 

You need to ensure that you export images as sRGB -- it's an option in Adobe's "Save to Web" dialog.

This is an issue with Photoshop + color profiles + gamma + mac. It really has nothing to do with us. What you need to do -- and maintain doing, is NOT save color profiles with your images.  This is what your "Save for Web" panel should look like:




  • JPG, maximum compression 70%
  • Embed Color Profile: NOT Checked
  • Convert to sRGB: CHECKED
  • Metadata: None

The web -- and browser support for anything in general -- is very irregular indeed, and while Flash ignores colorspace profiles all together (which is why flaunt looks right) and our server-side resampling also junks it not every browser will react like you expect it to when you are trying to use images that have embedded color profiles or are CMYK.

We assure you, this isn't an "intothedarkroom" thing -- it's a global internet problem, and for many photographers that don't know about how colorspaces work/don't work with the web, it can be a confusing and jarring experience.

Here is an excellent article about color shifting, the reasons why they exist, and how to fix them:

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