How to make a favicon

  • First a favicon has to be 16px x 16px image called a favicon.ico
  • You can either use a conversion tool such as http://www.favicon.cc/
  • Or use the plugin in Photoshop


Using the conversion tool

  • When using the conversion tool above simply follow the steps given, during the final step when you are about to save make sure to change

the name to favicon.ico

  • Now you have a favicon.ico

If you have the Photoshop Plugin

  • Just create the 16px x 16px image, and save it as favicon.ico

And the BIG finish

  • You need to log into your ftp and get to the root directory.

**If you do not use an FTP client** go to http://fireftp.mozdev.org/ and download Fireftp.

  • The root directory depends on the host, it will most likely be the "public_html" folder or a folder with the same name as your domain or simply put just the www area.
  • Once you find this area you can either drag and drop your favicon or upload it to the root directory and your done.
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    Malia Johnson

    Could you add a few more steps to the big finish?  I went to the link and downloaded Fireftp and now I'm stuck.  Sorry I don't know anything about this sort of thing and could use more help.  Thanks!

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    Not working for me. Generally code needs to be added to the head section of the website. I am using the Backyard Picnic theme and I do not see the necessary code in the source code. Please have the developer add the code or provide an alternate way to add it. I've been told that the product is not supported if altered on my end and there is no way to create a child theme so the only way to fix it needs to come from your end. Thanks for your assistance.

    Here is what needs to be added to the head section:

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    Oops, should clarify it this way:

    If the favicon is uploaded to the root as in your instructions, this should work (forgot to close the element previously).

    PHP code will look different and depend upon the way the developer has structured the site.

    Sorry for the confusion. I'd be happy to know the fix. Maybe it is even just under my nose in the ITDR settings, but I have yet to find anything relating to the favicon there.

    Thanks for checking.

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    I've uploaded the "favicon.ico' to my 'public_html' folder but need to know where I properly put this code -- 
    I'm using the RUE blogsite (if it makes any difference).

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    Lindsay S.

    NM I found it! Within my dashboard, there is a section now under Set Up > Settings tab, scroll down to Favicon file. I just selected it from my computer and done.

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