Making Your Site Live


If your website URL looks something like: and you are ready to make it live, use these following directions:

  1. head to the installer (
  2. Click “Upgrade Product” associated with your website.
  3. Enter your product key. Hint: this can be found in the emails sent you when you initially installed the product.
  4. Type in your FTP information and click “Test Settings and Continue”
  5. Enter your contact information and click “Proceed with Upgrade”
  6. Click “Start”
  7. When it you see “UPDATE WEBSITE FILES?” click “Yes, update my permanent files/location”

when moving your site to a live server, be aware that it will over-write the following two common server files:

  • .htaccess
  • index.php

Once you make your site live, you will want to clear your cache following these directions:

Also, if you find that your site is still showing your old site, you will want to log in to your server via ftp to see if there is an index.html file -- usually index.html files will take precedence over index.php files -- simply rename your index.html file to index.html.old, and then try again.  If you experience any difficulty with this process, be sure to send in a support ticket for help.

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