Backup your products

Internal backup system

Most host providers run regular backups.  Some backup 7 days worth of data so that you can revert back to one of those days if necessary.  However, our products are equipped with a simple backup function that will help you manual backup your product data.  Below outlines a general understanding of how the backup system works and the steps to backup your products. 


Websites, mini sites, slideshows

When running a backup on these products, the system will backup all of the content and settings. 


Photo carts and blogs

When running a backup on these products, the system will only backup all settings. Our photo cart skips images due to the (assumed) massive amount of images.  Blogs don't backup and wordpress database info or media library uploads.


How to run a backup

  1. Login into your backend admin panel (for blogs: ITDR admin)
  2. Goto the "Dashboard" section of the website
  3. Click the "Toolbox" tab in the first panel
  4. Click "Create System Storage Backup"
  5. Once you get the "Success" window, click "Download Backup Now"
  6. Save this file in a safe location.


Oops... Got an error?

If you are self hosted client, your server might time out during this process. If this is the case, you can log on to your server via FTP and download the website-data folder (ie: clove-data or sarin-data). You can find this folder here:  install-folder/product-name-data/storage/


How to restore a backup

  1. Unzip the downloaded archive
  2. The unzipped file structure should match the file structure on your web server and should be in the form of "some-product-data"
  3. Upload and over-write the files on your web server with the files from the archive using FTP
  4. BEWARE:  this is a real backup.  any changes to your existing setup since the backup will be lost.
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