Update your product.


From time to time, we will release updates to the products. If you need an update, please follow the directions below.

1.) Call your hosting company ang get your most current FTP info (server name, login and password)

2.) go to: https://intothedarkroom.com/installer/

3.) Click “Update Product” associated with the product you are trying to update

4.) Enter your product key. Hint: this can be found in the emails sent you when you initially installed the product.  if you LOST your product key, you can request it by clicking the " I don't have my product key" button. 

5.) Type in your FTP information and click “Test Settings and Continue”

If you do not know how to find your FTP here are the most popular Hosting companies:


6.) Enter your contact information and click “Proceed with Update”

7.) Click “Start”

8.) When it you see “UPDATE WEBSITE FILES?” click “Yes, update my permanent files/location”

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