How to reset your username and/or password (everything except blogs/blogsites)

We all have too many passwords to remember and from time to time we forget what goes to what. So here is a quick run through on how to reset your password for everything except the blog and blogsites.


1. Make sure you have your FTP information on hand. Do not proceed until you have the information

     How to find your FTP information

2. Go to the installer (choose Self Hosted) and select Update


3. Enter in your FTP information to begin the process.

4. You will come to a section (see image below) where you need to check the option "Reset My Admin Login During Update" and the select "Yes, I'm ready to update.




 5. Continue through with the update and then you should be able to log into your admin without any issues.

 6.  Please remember to clear your cache once you get back to the "Let's do this" page of the admin.


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