How to find your FTP information

Here are a few videos to help most people find their FTP information. Users

Blog/Blogsite - Getting GoDaddy FTP


HostGator Users

Blog/Blogsite - How to get HostGator FTP


Bluehost Users

When you log into Bluehost on the left hand side there is a box called Stats. In that box there is a bunch of info. Towards the top of this info is your Username and a little down from there is another option that says Hostname. You may need to select the blue link that says Expand Stats.  The the password fro FTP will be the same password that you used to log into Bluehost.


Site5 Users

I hope you still have the email from Site5 with all your log in information on hand if you do this is what you are looking for:

Your Account Login Information:

This login information can be used to connect to your account via your FTP Client, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, etc.

Domain Name..:
Account IP...:

The domain name you can use as the host name in the installer and the username and password can just be copied over into the installer.

If you do not have it you will need to get in touch with them for the information.

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    Undo Lock

    How can I host my new blog on bluehost? I followed this guide, but I got a problem. Please help!

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